All photography provided by Jana Bailey and Skye Bailey

"Unity and Strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved" 
-Mattie Stepanek 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. It is to connect people with each other, and with great food. People are our priority and where there are people there must be food. Which is why we have set out to develop a thoughtful relationship between the two.

Food is our life source. It sustains all living organisms. For centuries we have enjoyed and shared food. It unifies us. In fact, for many of our gatherings food is the main attraction. There is no question in foods value to us. However, in our modern day it has become readily available with such convenience that has sadly created a big gap between our consumption and the journey it has taken from paddock to plate. With high demand in highly populated towns and cities mass production factory farming has left many consumers with little awareness of where their food comes from. We hope to help bridge this gap with education, resources and a thriving model for sustainable food in Sarina and the surrounding regions.

“Good food is all the more sweeter, when shared with good friends”
— Unknown

Our beginning

Our vision is like a seed. Planted with hope, to renew a thoughtful relationship between people and food. 

We hope to provide a place where all feel welcome to eat, grow, connect and learn. Third Ground will one day be home to multi facet spaces such as our Coffee House, The Co-Op, The Backyard and other integrated businesses.


We have witnessed the goodness that comes from a unified and diverse people with a common goal and we are eager to share and grow this goodness with you.