What is the Third Ground Backyard all about?

FOod Trade/ Swap/ buy days

Every second Saturday morning, we gather to trade and swap and sell our locally grown or made food or products or wares. Check the TG facebook page for all the dates and details.

Gardening and permaculture workshops

If you live in the Sarina (or greater Mackay) area, the Third Ground Backyard one of the places you can become part of, to contribute and to learn skills around growing food, raising animals, home based production, and other skills that contribute to healthy bodies, sustainable households, and resilient communities. Again, check Facebook for upcoming dates, as it's a bit of overkill putting all the dates on this website too.


A bunch of Christians meet at TG, semi-frequently, among the other things they do. Regarding when exactly... ditto, check Facebook.

Music happens at TG too. Monthly music lessons/ jam sessions. Facebook it. We have plans for live music nights too, so if you're excited by that, let us know!


Seasonal feasts

Every quarter (3 months) we have a seasonal feast. It's a "bring some food" kinda occasion, and it's a celebration of whatever is local or seasonal, and an awesome opportunity to hang out and have fun, eating great food and making friends. Always free!

Bigger things...!

Watch this space! We got a few big ideas for 2018, so you'll hear about them when they're underway. 

Want more details, or to talk to somebody? For anything related to the Backyard shenanigans, give Alexes a call on 0420942830, or Phil on 0420304727. If it's regarding the coffee house, or making a booking for an event, call the team on (07) 4943 0522. 

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